domingo, 21 de janeiro de 2018

My life with PAPA JONES


I've been working on this book since 2015.
It's about hope and new ideas of what family is all about.
It's available in digital and paperback format.
I hope you enjoy it.

Many amazing things happened between 1968 and 1981. One of them was the decision of a former police officer, a.k.a Papa Jones, of having a family by adopting Carmen, a Venezuelan girl that used to steal wallets from unwary people in the subways, and Alex, a brilliant boy with a dark and disturbing past.
Papa Jones was sure that his family was complete until he met Angelo - a thirteen years old boy with a strong personality and of Italian descent. Angelo has lived in many foster homes and carries with him a terrible trauma from the past.
The adaptation to the new life will not be easy, nevertheless, Angelo, in the same way, that is happening all over America, will find out a new meaning to the word family, and he will also find out things that will forever change his perception about himself and the world.